First & Foremost, hey!

Daphne Kok is a brand designer based in Singapore. From choosing fonts on WordArt at a young age, Daphne has now grown into a full-fledged creative, crafting brands that hold meaning and connection in the community. 
Born in Singapore, the decision to move to Australia to pursue a Bachelor of Communication Design has developed her to grow in the way she thinks, work and create. During this period she has freelanced for a range of clients and brands and managed to win a few prestigious awards. The AGDA 2019 and Crowbar 2019 Awards for various categories, making her mark both locally and internationally. She also claimed the winning prize for the sales category at the Singapore Star Packaging Award 2019.
She sees the future of design continuing to grow and thereby the shift for its views too. People are beginning to seek brands and experiences that they resonate with, brands that hold meaning and value to them. Her ultimate goal is to produce care-full work that resonates with others, developed with cultures and ethics.
For work opportunities, collaborations or a friendly hello, drop a line at:
Branding & Identity Design
Art direction & Visual Language
Packaging Design
Publication & Editorial Design
Brand Guidelines 
AGDA Awards 2020 • Australia
• 2X Merit, 5X Finalist
Star Packaging Award 2019 • Singapore
• Winner in Sales & Display category
AGDA Awards 2019 • Australia
• 6X Finalist
Crowbar Awards 2019 • Singapore
• 1X Silver, 3x Bronze, 5x Finalist
Bachelor of Communication Design
RMIT, Melbourne Australia
July 2019—October 2020
Diploma in Communication Design
Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
March 2016—March 2019
A personal message. 
A reminder. A manifesto.
I am Daphne Kok, a brand designer hailing from the Little Red Dot. I exhaust my laptop fans with the ultimate goal to produce conscientious work that resonates with others, developed with culture and ethics. Design holds great power in influencing views and opinions. It is hence our responsibility to harness this power and use it to create good, honest and unobstructed work.
And to do this, I stand by:
Not only designing for humans but the entire living eco-system. 
To protect what’s left of the planet and all that inhabits it, I expand my lenses towards a more planet centric practice. To ensure that the work I put my name on is mindfully constructed with care and built with empathy, I respectfully reflect cultures and humanity with cautious decision-making and awareness of the consequences they may have on our environment.
Endlessly pursuing knowledge & self-improvement by being inquisitive.
As a bearer of curiosity, I am open-minded in my exploration of vast perspectives. I work not only to impress, but more importantly, to learn and improve–growth is the goal. I derive inspiration from every angle of life and new ideas and learnings are always welcome.
Cultivating sincere & genuine relationships. 
Encompassing kindness and generosity uplifts others and results in great work, so let us embrace diversity and appreciate all that one brings to the table. After all, the best designs are often birthed through collaboration with others in the industry as well as the people for whom we are designing.
Aligning my craft with my identity as a global citizen. 
Aspiring to create work that contributes to the betterment of society, I take upon the responsibility to acknowledge my privilege and challenge preconceptions to enrich my own and others’ perspectives. Understanding that diversity includes representing experiences that aren’t only mine, I strive to utilise my craft to build trust through humility and transparency—laying these factors as the cornerstone for the work I proudly produce and represent.
If you stand with me, you can sign the manifesto here.