A companion pack designed for new students at RMIT University.

Branding, Experience, Identity
University–a time of life filled with excitement, fear and instant noodles. Starting uni is a big deal as students seek out experiences that might stay with them for the rest of their lives. 
Each semester, new students roll into classrooms filled with lost faces, eye glances, awkward smiles and uncomfortable introductions. Don’t get it wrong though—it’s all part of the growth and phase of life to seek out the “ultimate uni experience”. No doubt that schools are putting loads of effort to make all students feel welcomed. With orientation, uni clubs, events and social activities, there are limitless ways to immerse yourself in this new space. However, it can get quite intense, especially at the start of the journey. With a new environment, new people and maybe even a new country, it is inevitable for freshies to feel overwhelmed, lost and anxious. 
So, how might we make the start of uni less daunting, helping students feel welcomed during the transition and familiarise themselves with the new space?
To design a welcome package for new students, helping them to settle down in a fuse-free manner to commence uni in the best way possible.
This companion pack consist of various items in hopes of positively benefiting students. The ultimate goal is to help reduce uncertainty while being put in a new environment. 
It allow students to feel more in touch with the city, creating a greater sense of belonging. This way, students are able to feel more connected, safe and settled in this foreign territory, making it a great kick start to their uni life. 
Designed with inclusivity and sustainability in mind, the pack seeks to ensure that all students are accounted for by looking into the essentials that students need to help them best. 
With the help of mind mapping, various keywords were highlighted and a common denominator was found. The name 'Being' emerged as the same alliteration was picked up from words  describing the pack such as ‘belonging’, ‘beginning’ and ‘becoming’. 
The brand typography, colour palette and graphics work together to ensure that the pack is accessible for all. 
Logo design 
Encouraging connection.
The use of a comma in the logo is to share the idea of forging connections, not only with others but also the city. It is a continual conversation, open for all.
Designing with accessibility and inclusivity 
Being has a minimal and clean approach to keep it unobstructed and honest. 
The subtle colour palette is inspired by the buildings and architecture found within Melbourne. It allows the students to blend in with the city while navigating through the street. The colours were tweaked, adjusted and tested with various visual disabilities. 
Typography plays a huge role in the brand. The form and structure of typefaces were analysed to ensure that it is accessible to all.
To refrain from using colour as the only form of visual communication, a set brand graphics has been formed to make it more accessible. 
Amplifying brand values & beliefs through adaptability.
Expanding on the use of a comma within the logo, a set of brand graphics was formed with patterns of different punctuations. It further emphasises on the brand values of Being, to continuously encouraging conversations and interactions to happen. 
The brand graphics also work well in adapting with the existing branding of RMIT, allowing the package to be an extension of the school. 
Each element of the companion pack is carefully thought out to best benefit the new students. With a journey mapping process, a suite of deliverables was designed to meet the needs of students by considering their pain points and struggles. This lead to a welcome package that is practical, useful and beneficial.
A curated notebook.
It's no ordinary bind of paper. This notebook has beed made to support and manage students’ wellbeing while navigating through new environments and experiences. 
It consists of pages for daily logs, meal plans, term schedules, project planners and even a spot for brain dumps. We hope it could support and positively benefit the users financially, academically and even emotionally.
A good-to-have pocket guide. 
It is hard to be in a new place and having to adapt. The "simplest" things like finding a supermarket or a reliable print shop can be a real struggle to a newcomer. 
This pocket guide consists of a set of curated lists designed to help you navigate through the necessities around town to allow students to settle in confidently and comfortably. 
Nothing screams Melbourne like a bag of Coffee beans.
The love for coffee is ingrained into everyone in Melbourne, locals and visitors alike. With a coffee culture so huge, what better way to welcome students to the city than coffee beans from Melbourne-based roastery, Market Lane Coffee. 
Tingle the tastebuds with a bag of beans uniquely roasted to get you started and excited about all the different caffeine that the city has to offer.
Tingling the senses.
Nature is a great relaxant and has the abilities to drastically lift our spirits, helping to feel calm and motivated. 
Wander into the Australian wilderness with a candle inspired by the parks of Melbourne. Allow the traces of eucalyptus and woody tones to reduce stress and perk up our moods for a better well being, boosting productivity.
Towards sustainability.
Move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce waste with this environmentally friendly tumbler. 
Students can also enjoy perks at places recommended in the curated lists by bringing their tumblers while on their coffee run. 
Mailing some love.
It is hard to be away from the people you are closest to and can cause feelings of loneliness at times. Writing and communicating is a great way to tackle homesickness or feelings of isolation. 
To encourage and cultivate strong bonds, students can send these postcards to family and friends, sharing about how uni life has been. 

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