Rebranding the town of Mallacoota, in regional Australia.

Region Branding | Art direction | Tourism | Experience design 
Mallacoota—A place where kangaroos and koalas inhabit the town as much as the people do.
In recent years, through reasons ranging from drought, loss of industry and the allure of the capital cities, communities in regional areas have turned to tourism as ways to keep their towns alive and prospering. Despite Australia being a relatively young country, there is a real vibrance to many regional towns, and a wealth of inspiration to be uncovered through a region's unique history and its vernacular design.
A place where the routine of daily life hinges on the cycles of swell and weather, and the entire population turns to the ocean for livelihood, sustenance, or simply to find peace.
The brand was designed around all that the town has to offer, from the fishes you catch in the waters, to adventures awaiting you to explore. The rebranded town takes its history to the current cultural landscape of the community and turned it into an approachable, adventurous and welcoming spot for your next trip planned. 
Mallacoota, Australia. Nestled on the rocky shores of Wilderness Coast, Mallacoota lies untouched. Surrounded by the tumbling hills and beachside dunes of beautiful Croajingolong National Park to one side and the pristine waters of Mallacoota Inlet and roaring waves of the ocean to the other. 
A set of vector illustrations have been used to represent the town. All of it as a whole depicts what Mallacoota has to offer and highlighting the pronounced activity of fishing here at the town. The breeds of fishes depicted are common catches that both tourist and locals find in the waters. 
JOURNEY MAPPING​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Understanding exactly how & where people see us.
Each touchpoint was established through a journey mapping exercise. Mapping out each stage that the personas would go through, from gaining awareness of the town to the post-trip. Following that, every stage is then individually studied to understand exactly what the actions, mindset and emotions are for the individual.
This then helped to list out key touchpoints for the project.
Now more than ever, due to ranging reasons around the globe, many regional areas have turned to tourism to find a way to keep their towns alive and prospering.  
Learning the culture & history of the place.
A print publication that includes the research and gathered material to understand and communicate the historical, social and cultural context of Mallacoota. It assisted in helping to understand the existing communication design landscape within the region and in turn unpack an understanding of what tourism opportunities may be present there and looking to capture the essence of the region.

Understanding the town & all its inhabits.
A Design proposal and strategy document was developed based on Mallacoota. The in-depth proposal includes town auditing, goal setting, creating personas, journey mapping, project management and timelines. 
These analytical findings established our strategy to be based on the laid back lifestyle in the town.
“Everyone here has saltwater running through their veins.”
A fun, energetic & adventure-filled experience.
Not everyone thinks of Mallacoota when it comes to art, culture and history. It’s time for that to change. The state’s most easterly town is not just a gem of Gippsland, Victoria — it’s also a beautiful settlement that holds incredible experience you have yet to discover.
The rebranded town beholds their personality across the various elements. Colours that are light-hearted and friendly yet energetic and fun, typefaces that are playful and illustrations that raw and authentic. All these merged to form the perfect palette for this relaxed yet lively town.
A travel destination for the soul. 
The holiday spot for boating, fishing, walking the wilderness coast, swimming, birdwatching and surfing. The town is located in a region where the weather patterns are quite different from that of Melbourne, with a climate ideal for year-round enjoyment of the area.
The rebrand was curated to share these experiences with the rest of the world. Encouraging everyone to visit this quaint little town and experience the sensory feast for themselves.
Capturing the town's essence. 
The logo for Mallacoota was crafted to represent the town, its friendly personality and also highlighting the town's enterprise.   
The symbol found in the logo is an abalone, as Mallacoota is a centre for the abalone industry. A casual, playful typeface forms the word-mark and adds an element of movement to it, encapsulating Mallacoota’s warm and welcoming charm. 
A sensory feast.
The town is filled with unique and genuine experiences that would allow you to be closer to nature and appreciate all the beauty there is to offer. All your senses will be awakened, which sparked the perfect tagline to describe the experience you will have during your visit.
Representative illustrations & identity guidelines. 
The set of illustrations showcases the adventures and experiences you can find at Mallacoota, highlighting the pronounced activity of fishing here at the town.  
From the common catches that both tourist and locals find in Mallacoota waters to the caravans parked in the lots every holiday to the coastal waters perfect for surfing—each illustration is well thought through and represents what Mallacoota has to offer.
Awareness across the region.
Posters plastered around neighbouring towns, road signs to guide you along the way and a website to get you excited for what’s awaiting you.
During your stay.
Mallacoota’s very own local shop would have you covered throughout the trip. From bobbers for your fishing trip to postcards for back home. Pick up some brochures at any information booth around town to learn more about different sports and activities in the town.
Something to remember it by.
A little post-trip souvenir to take home. Pick up some patches, backpacks or bucket hats at the store to remember the trip by. 

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