A stay that is rooted firmly in the Malaysian identity.

Branding, Art direction, Copy writing
Yaan—A boutique hotel inspired by the celebrations of Malaysia.
The hospitality industry is changing with the growth of independent millennial travellers seeking authentic experiences. 
The task is to conceptualise and brand a uniquely Malaysian boutique hotel targeted at millennials, between 20 to 35-year-olds, for both domestic and international travellers. The brand and the experience should be rooted firmly in Malaysian identity and balance local authenticity with a modern twist.

With a strong belief in the importance of culture, understanding the country at its core is essential—how people connected, history and origins, interactions and communities. 
Continuously thinking of ways to encourage strangers from around the world to feel like they are part of the culture. It transcended Yaan not only into a brand but an immersive experience for travellers.
Yaan showcases the people, architecture, food and culture of Malaysia. Above all that, the hotel brings people from across the globe to immerse themselves in the celebrations of the country.
The celebration of festivals, join in by all, unbound by religion or culture. The celebration of food, by sharing with neighbours and friends with joy. The celebration of people, coming together regardless of backgrounds or beliefs. 
These celebrations are what inspired Yaan.

Understanding what truly matters to the country.
The boutique hotel is motivated by the kampong spirit that Malaysians are rooted in. In the fast-paced times that we all get sucked into, the country remains to be overflowing with kindness, celebrations and meaningful connections.
Discover being a local, locally.
Through the various celebrations and festivals celebrated in the country, the locals created a unique bond that they share. As travellers from all around the world arrive at this melting pot, they find themselves wandering through these cheerful spirits and sharing the connection with the locals. 
That is what inspired Yaan. A hotel crafted for millennials to blend in and immerse themselves in the true authentic Malaysian culture.
A brand that encapsulated the celebrations of the country.
The logo of Yaan consists of the three most prominent festivals of Malaysia—Chinese New year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. 
An extension from this, the brand graphic then consists of tiles that represent other festivals celebrated in the country. When joined together, it forms the shape of the Malaysian map alongside the colours of the flag—capturing the spirit, harmony and cohesion of the Malaysian people through these festivities.
Adaptable & versatile identity system
With a set of tiles that celebrate the festivals of the country, each one represents an occasion such as Hari Raya Haji, Tadau Ka’amatan, Mooncake festival, Sarawak Gawai, Thaipusam and Wesak Day. When the tiles are together, the hotel captures the harmony and cohesion of the Malaysian people.
These festival tiles are in hexagonal shapes, allowing to work well with one another or on its own. With a highly functional and flexible visual to work with, a series of touchpoints was developed to enhance the brand further.

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